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P. ME Torino Supp. 6081 (= P. Tor. Botti 4)
copy of selling contract
Memnoneia - Djeme (Thebes west)
110 - 100 BCE
On the recto of this papyrus is a copy of a sales document of several objects including the corresponding witness list recorded. The writer of the copy and the reason for the making of this copy is not mentioned. However, line 28 mentions that this document was copied from the original, which was in the king's bank.
The date of the original, preserved in the copy, is year 22, 3rd month of Schemu, day 16 under Ptolemaios VI. Philometor and Cleopatra II. (BC 159 Aug 13). Boswinkel / PestmanArchives privées de DionysiosBoswinkel, E. / Pestman, P.W., Les archives privées de Dionysios, fils de Kephalas (Papyrologica Lugduno-Batava 22; Leiden, 1982)., 13 n.1, sugest that the copy was made about 50 years later.
The scribe of this copy is not mentoned. The scribe of the origianl contract assembly is Harsiese, son of Chestephnachthes .
This copy consists of: wording of contract (A, 1-27), subscriptum (B, I.28), and widnes list (C, II.29-I-V.45). The selling contract includes five different sales objects. Labois, daughter of Amenothes sells her shares in several properties to Psenminis, son of Zmanres. Labois and Psenminis had previously acquired these objects together at auction and each owned half of them until this sale. Because of indication of all borders of the cessions, this text shows one of the best topographical documentations of the village of Djeme.
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wording of contract (A, 1-27), subscriptum (B, I.28) and widnes list (C, II.29-I-V.45)
P. ME Torino Supp. 6081 (= P. Tor. Botti 4)
P. ME Torino Supp. 6081 (= P. Tor. Botti 4)